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Take Advantage of a Great Time to Buy

If you’re in the market for property, now is a great time to buy real estate! Take a look at five reasons why this is one of the best buyer’s markets in recent history. 
  • Great Selection: Buyers have more choices than ever in most markets, with a large supply of quality homes at great prices.
  • Fewer Investors: Short-term investors who fueled the recent house “feeding frenzy” are no longer competing against you for properties.
  • Motivated Sellers: Sellers eager to move are offering more incentives than ever, such as paying all closing costs, making additional updates or including furniture with the home purchase.
  • Create Wealth: Over time, most real estate has proven to consistently appreciate. Throughout this nation’s history, real property has been America’s greatest source for building wealth.
  • More Support: Your real estate professional has more information and resources than ever to help you find the right property, negotiate to your advantage, explain financing options and navigate the closing process.

Here are a few other helpful tips to make your home-buying search more enjoyable:

Get Pre-approved for Financing
Save time by looking at homes in the price range for which your lender has preapproved you. Find out in advance what kind of down payment you’ll be expected to make and what your credit score needs to be for the financing you want. Online calculators at or realestatejournal. com can help you figure out how much you can afford.

Focus on Long-Term Home Appreciation

Although, there’s no “sure thing” in property appreciation, look for neighborhoods with appealing architecture, low crime, good schools and any construction or public works that could add to the value of a home — for example, the addition of a city park. These qualities are more likely to preserve a home’s value over time.
Protect Your Investment with Owner's Title Insurance
When you do find the home you want, be sure to protect your investment with an owner’s title insurance policy. If ownership of your property is ever challenged, Chicago Title Insurance will defend your possession of the property — and assume the legal costs of that defense — for as long as you and your heirs own the property.

What’s more, if any challenge to your property’s title proves to be legitimate, Chicago Title Insurance will pay for your losses, just as your title insurance policy provides.
Your entire real estate investment depends upon receiving clear title to your property. Take advantage of Chicago Title’s expertise, strength and superior service for your peace of mind and the ultimate in protection for your property.
Get The Complete Ownership Security You Need with Chicago Title Insurance Company’s Four Pillars of Protection
  •  Service
    The experience and dedication of our full-service, nationwide network of professionals assure you of an expert title search and examination and an accurate, timely closing.
  • Security
    We’re leaders in combating mortgage fraud to help protect you against those who misrepresent themselves or the property or who attempt identity theft.
  • Technology
    We hold the industry’s largest collection of real estaterelated data, documentation and public record information. Using comprehensive, intuitive technology tools and rapid communications, our professionals can quickly and securely search and clear property titles.
  • Trust
    Home buyers trust our passionate commitment to helping consumers understand the steps, fees and requirements of real estate transactions. Our open process and availability to answer all your questions provide the clarity you need about what is often your largest and most valuable purchase.